We are proudly part of a growing distribution of North American built trailers. With our experience we can make sure the trailer you buy is the trailer to suit your needs. See the links below for more detailed information about our network.

  • Bias Tires Vs Radials:  In short, bias tires have strong sidewall construction that are more resistance to sidewall punctures, cost less, tread releases mud/dirt easier, stronger for carrying a load.  Radial tires integrate with trailer suspension and provide a smoother ride because the softer rubber flexes with road imperfections, give longer wear and less bounce, less sway, better traction and better fuel mileage.  We almost always stock the radial option and find customers very satisfied.
  • Annual Safety Inspection:  On truck and trailer when the combined Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings exceed 4500kg (9918 lbs)
  • Commercial Vehicle Operators Registration(CVOR)  Be aware of the rules when hauling trailers for means of compensation.  Click on this link CVOR  to determine if you require registration. 



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